Club Racing


Unlocking the Potential of North Club Racing Sails

Nicolas (Nico) Cohen-Addad’s J/122 Jinn captured the attention of the North Sails team in Hong Kong after winning a host of recent regattas, including the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club… Read More

#NSVictoryList: Storm Trysail Club Block Island Race Week

Storm Trysail Club Block Island Race week is always a much anticipated and highly-competitive regatta that attracts a mixed-class entry list from Maine to Annapolis every other year. This year… Read More

#NSVictoryList: ORC Europeans

The Gulf of Naples in Italy challenged 62 teams for the 2021 edition of ORC Europeans, the first big event on the Mediterranean. Sailors from around the world competed in… Read More

3Di and Paneled Sails: How It’s Made is Why It’s Different

Sailboat sails fall into two main categories: 3Di sails (sails built on a 3D mold) and paneled sails (sails built on a flat surface). While the 3D mold vs. 2D… Read More

The Key to Upwind Performance

With the help of smarttune load sensors from Cyclops Marine, North Sails One Design Expert, and J/70 World Champion Charlie Cumbley explains how the dynamic balance of upwind performance hinges… Read More

The Cape 31 is Captivating Sailors Worldwide

Named after its place of origin, Cape Town, South Africa, the worldwide growth of the Cape 31 fleet all started with one man’s vision; Highland Fling owner and avid racer… Read More

Specialty Reaching Sail Guide

This is a very light sail for drifting conditions. Used when a full size, heavier weight sail will not pressurize or remain stable. Wind Seekers are commonly made in forgiving… Read More

Asymmetrical vs. Symmetrical Spinnakers

When it comes to downwind sails, there are a dizzying array of choices for today’s sailor. There are even two types of spinnaker: asymmetric and symmetric. So how do you… Read More

All About Downwind Sail Trim

As you bear away from close-hauled to a close reach the forces on the sails rotate forward, speed jumps, and heeling forces are reduced. To make the most of the… Read More