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Pollution, resource extraction and climate change are a constant threat to the ocean that's our life, love, and livelihood. We're at the point where sustainability is the responsible starting point. But maintenance is not enough. We need to repair.

Now is the time to give back, to regenerate the ocean and to preserve it for future generations. We call it being Ocean Positive, and our journey to become the world's first Ocean Positive brand is well underway.

There's still a long way to go and we would never pretend it’s something that can be achieved overnight. In every corner of the North Sails world, we're taking positive steps towards a cleaner, healthier ocean.



As sailmaking's leading, we see it as our responsibility to make a positive impact on the future of the ocean. Designing and making sails that last longer than anyone else's is a great start. It's why, whether we're talking sail recyclability, lower-impact manufacturing, in-depth lifecycle analysis, or we're getting behind initiatives like the new IMOCA Green Sails Rule and the Sustainable Marine Alliance, we never stop looking beyond the horizon.


North Sails



Becoming Ocean Positive gives a voice to the ocean, and making clothes with a lighter footprint is the only way forward. So, whether we're choosing ecologically responsible materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester, championing circular design in our Closed Loop Performance range (a first for sailing), or joining the Microfibre Consortium, we strive to always give back to the ocean. By finding the right balance between sustainability, functionality, and purpose, we can make giant leaps for that lighter footprint.


North Sails

As we map the course to cleaner seas, our partnerships matter more than ever. With Coral Gardeners, the journey to planting 1 million corals by 2025 continues. As founding partners of the Ocean Family Foundation, marine conservation projects all over the world are working towards a healthier ocean. And by partnering with IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare), we support essential work to safeguard animals all over the world.