North Sails Apparel Online gift card
North Sails Apparel Online gift card
North Sails Apparel Online gift card

North Sails Apparel Online gift card


The North Sails Apparel Gift Card is the perfect gift for ocean enthusiasts and those who appreciate distinctive style. Grant them the freedom to explore our exceptional collection of sailing-inspired clothing, offering a wide range of pieces designed to blend the functionality of sailing with timeless elegance.

Instructions for Use:
1. Purchase the gift card directly on our website.
2. Receive the gift card via email immediately after order confirmation.
3. Print, creating a tangible and special gift.
4. Present the gift card to your chosen recipient, giving them the opportunity to select garments that best reflect their style and preferences.

With the North Sails Apparel Gift Card, you not only give the gift of choice but also the experience of immersing oneself in the world of nautical fashion with a distinctive and high-quality touch. A gift that celebrates a passion for the sea and timeless elegance.



The Gift Card can be used multiple times until its value is depleted and serves as a valid method of payment. In the event of a return, the refund will be processed through the same Gift Card used for the purchase. It is also possible to make mixed payments using the Gift Card along with other payment methods.

Please note that, in the case of the Gift Card code being lost, North Sails will not be able to issue a new Gift Card. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the code carefully to ensure smooth usage and maximize the shopping experience.

The gift card can be purchased and used only by consumers in the EU territory to purchase Apparel products. The gift cards are valid for 1 year and can only be used on the online store.

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