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Giugno 14, 2019

Optimist Tool Kit | North SailsGet Ready For The Opti Worlds

Heading to Antigua? North Sails will be there! Our Opti experts put together this guide to help you prepare.

Optimist Tool Kit | North Sails#NSVictoryList

There is no better performance test of an Optimist sail than the results it produces. Around the world, kids are winning regattas with North Sails.
Optimist Tool Kit | North Sails

Get Up To Speed

Pulling all the pieces together can be challenging. The North Optimist Speed Guide will help you get the most of your Optimist sailing. Optimist Tool Kit | North Sails

What To Expect in Antigua

The island of Antigua is excited to host the 2019 Optimist World Championship. We spoke with North Sails expert and local Andrew Dove to learn what sailors should expect when they leave English Harbour.

Optimist Tool Kit | North Sails

Which Opti Sail Is Best For Me?

Whether you’re a sailor, coach, or parent, deciding which Opti sail to buy means balancing a number of different factors. Optimist expert Mike Marshall explains.

Optimist Tool Kit | North SailsFine Tune with North

Find your groove. Get your numbers. Be confident in all wind conditions.

Optimist Tool Kit | North SailsMeet Your Optimist Sail Designer

Mike Marshall understands sail shapes and design, and he also understands the quirks of Optimist sailing. Optimist Tool Kit | North Sails

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